Pagan Savings Challenge (A money jar craft)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike a lot of Pagans, my relationship with money needs work. When I saw the Pagan Savings Challenge at Terence P Ward’s Dirty Money blog, I jumped right in even though it wasn’t the beginning of the year. I’m on week four this week, while Ward is on week fourteen.

Here’s how it works: week one, you save one whole dollar. You can manage. Simple. Week two, you save two dollars. No, this doesn’t double exponentially, it increases one dollar per week. Week three, you save three dollars. By the end of one year, you are saving $52 dollars and your stash should total $1378. As my husband pointed out, as the savings slowly increase, you should be learning how to slowly reduce some of your expenses to cover it, and you will hopefully have formed the habit of saving each week.

I made a money jar when I started the challenge. First I found a 14 ounce glass pizza sauce jar in the cupboard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made pizza fries (cook fries in the oven with pepperoni, a few minutes before they’re done toss on mozzarella, and in the meantime warm the sauce on the stove to dip them in) and washed the jar.

Then I took an empty toilet paper roll, some gesso and some gold craft paint. I gessoed and painted both the toilet paper roll and the jar’s lid gold.


While I waited for that to dry, I cut some pictures (Ganesh and Lakshmi) from my Sacred Source catalog and mod podged them to the jar. The glass will look white at first but it dries clear.


I put the toilet paper roll in the middle of the jar and put coins all around it to hold it in place. The idea is that the dollars get rolled and put into the roll inside the coins — so it looks like a change jar, not a jar of dollars (at any rate, you’ll want to find a more secure place for the money as it increases; I don’t recommend keeping $1378 in cash lying out in the open in your home).


I have a corner on my kitchen counter that goes way back under a shelf and wasn’t being used for anything, so I put the jar there and added some amethyst and tiger’s eye around it.


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